Powerfull utility for directory structures copying

OS: NetWare | License: Demo


FCOPY is powerfull utility for directory structures copying including long names and attributes even to servers defined in different tree.

FCOPY usage:

load fcopy [options]


-d only directories
-nr no recursion into subdirectories
-ns no info screen
-l=<file> set log file name (default - fcopy.log)
-lc=<count> max log file count (formatted log names only)
-ll=<length> max log file length in mbytes (formatted log names only)
-v verbose (more details in log file)
-t=<tree> NDS tree to log into
-u=<user> NDS user name
-p=<password> login password
-b=<length> copy buffer length in kilobytes
-m=<length> max file name length (default - 255)
-nb don't block low priority threads
-no don't copy files that already exist and have equal length
-w wait for key press before exitting

When copying to remote server, tree&user&password options are mandatory. When these parameters are used first time, fcopy stores user and password to fcopy.pwd file and than You can use only tree parameter and user/password are used from fcopy.pwd file. This is extremely usefull with cron, ncf files etc.


 load fcopy user:home/joe archive:homedirs -nb
 load fcopy user:home/joe tdp1/user:home -t=tdptree -u=admin.org -p=pass -v
 load fcopy user:home/joe backup:home -l=fcopy%y%m%d%c.log -ll=50 -lc=5 -tree=tdptree