TDP POP3 Client

TDP POP3 Client

POP3 client for Novell NetWare servers

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TDP POP3 Client is a module for Novell NetWare servers, which downloads e-mail from selected POP3 boxes in pre-defined intervals and forwards them to specified addresses, for example, to the GroupWise environment, etc.

How TDP POP3 Client Works

After the interval set for checking pop3 boxes expires, or after the tdp pop3c receive command is entered on the server console, the module shall attempt to log in to pop3 accounts defined in account.cfg. If the connection is successful and the box contains new emails, their routing is carried out according to the rules defined in routing.cfg. After that, it is checked whether the e-mails belong to a local domain defined in domains.cfg. If so, e-mails are downloaded to the folder specified in tdppop3c.cfg (usually SYS:\tdppop3c\spool), from where they are subsequently downloaded and forwarded to the target addresses by the TDP SMTP module (included and installed together with TDP POP3c).