SMTP forwarder / mail relay server

OS: NetWare | License: Demo

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Our SMTP forwarder is very versatile, fast and battle-hardened. It can be used as a proxy for GroupWise GWIA or for other e-mail systems.

TDPSMTP supports:

  • flexible forwarding for multiple domains (located on different internal/external SMTP servers)
  • relaying prevention by using local domain list and IP address/network whitelist
  • scheduled e-mail queue retrieval using ETRN command
  • SMTP user authentication for mail relaying
  • e-mail reception into specified directory (e-mails are stored as simple text files in MIME format)
  • e-mail delivery from specified directory
  • e-mail address blacklisting
  • source/target e-mail address substitution
  • IP address/network blacklisting
  • our custom DNS resolver for correct MX record resolving

All TDP customers are using TDPSMTP as GWIA proxy, because it prevents SPAM relaying and has better success rate for sending e-mails to partialy unavailable domains (MX record fallback).